Timothy Grayson

An outspoken, philosophical, dark and meticulous poet, Timothy Grayson spends equal amounts of time between his home in the red light district of Leicester City and touring European dens of iniquity for 'artistic inspiration'. He is a member of the Decadent Romantics with Steven Silverman and Nathan Lunt, International Representative for the English Poetry Brothel, Literary Editor for FD2D Magazine, Cultural Ambassador for Leicester City and well known for his taste in archaic fashions (often sarcastically referring to Mr. Stephen Fry's praise of his Wilde-like collar as a particular highlight of his literary career).

"I enjoyed reading [The Infamous Nomadica: Part the First] and wish [Mr. Grayson] every success with [his] poetry" - His Grace the Duke of Marlborough

"[The Poetry Brothel] has an edge of the illicit, and it is a wonderful way to enliven the performance aspect of poetry" - Independent.

Ben Rogers is, in my opinion, one of the best examples of a great, contemporary lyricist.  His words can be read alone, without musical accompaniment, and yet still manage to remain truthful, jaded and poetic, as if an early Dylan got into a brawl with Tom Waits.  It is my firm belief that this man is one of the world’s finest unsung lyricists, peppering songs with lines such as ‘Whilst those who die for freedom are glorified, those guilty of survival, they don’t seem to mean a thing.’Here are two verses from one of my favourite tracks, the ever-melancholic ‘Easy Street’…

The poet felt more like a prophet, and spoke of a saviour that never came. He just wasted away, slinging ink on a page, tracing shadows of the brightest days, and he went down to the railroad tracks and on the hook that holds the mailbags that are never sent, he tied a slipknot in the ribbon of his typewriter and put it round his neck, and placed a letter in the bag with no address and it said ‘I’m an open book, but there’s no words on the sheet. I’m tired of living with the bums of Easy Street.’

Gypsy boy rides past on a three-speed, with tarot cards snapping in his spokes. He says “I’ll read your palms for no charge at all, if you could just spare a couple of smokes”, and I say “It seems like every time you need a cigarette, everyone else is always on their last one.”  So I take some nicotine and I twist us both a dream and say “Here you go my son. You can read my palms if you like, but don’t tell me what you see. I know I’ll always be a bum of Easy Street.”

The Redemption of Judas, as read by the author.  The text is available to read here.


Ladies and Gentlemen, due to personal reasons, my good friend Miles Marr will no longer be joining me on this cultural adventure.  In his place, I would like to introduce you to Mr. Elliott Swinburn!  We will be in the states between 8th and 19th October; precise tour dates will be announced over this coming week.


Timothy Grayson hustles his way to the USA. Video includes clips from the Brothellian takeover of Camden, (inc. speeches, performances and readings from the Brothellian Manifesto), shots from Gomorrah (www.gomorrah.co.uk) and various outtakes. Filmed and edited by Miles Marr (www.studio68.co.uk)

Follow the Poetry Whore on Tour @ Tumblr as he attempts to make his way to the USA - God save the USA if he actually makes it ;)

Thank you for the promotion Alesia!  Hopefully see you there :)

If you haven’t seen this video yet, why the hell not?  Here’s me in various stages of the hustle - saving money for my US Tour!

"I believe a Name, not Art
is worth respect - you don’t agree?
Then keep your sad views to yourself;
such Names are God-like. Can’t you see -

Life’s measure of success cares not
for quality in what is made,
but whether one can make a sum
from joining in its masquerade.

So challenge not the words I speak,
they come endorsed with huge acclaim;
our budless tongues know more of taste
than honest crowds without a Name.”

Your Ignorant Opinion: A Graysonic Satire

Article in the Independent TODAY!

Article in the Independent TODAY!


- taken from the Brothellian Manifesto

“Brothellian individuals understand that our creative talents and imagination are sexually intriguing, and that this holds great mystery to others. There is no shame in ‘sexing up’ the arts establishment as the appeal is already there, it’s just rarely…