Timothy Grayson

An outspoken, philosophical, dark and meticulous poet, Timothy Grayson spends equal amounts of time between his home in the red light district of Leicester City and touring European dens of iniquity for 'artistic inspiration'. He is a member of the Decadent Romantics with Steven Silverman and Nathan Lunt, International Representative for the English Poetry Brothel, Literary Editor for FD2D Magazine, Cultural Ambassador for Leicester City and well known for his taste in archaic fashions (often sarcastically referring to Mr. Stephen Fry's praise of his Wilde-like collar as a particular highlight of his literary career).

"I enjoyed reading [The Infamous Nomadica: Part the First] and wish [Mr. Grayson] every success with [his] poetry" - His Grace the Duke of Marlborough

"[The Poetry Brothel] has an edge of the illicit, and it is a wonderful way to enliven the performance aspect of poetry" - Independent.

Learn the Art of Poetry, Illustration and Illustrated Narrative with Cultural Ambassador Timothy Grayson and Master Illustrator Kieron Edwards

Advantages of Personal Tuition at the Nomadic Academy

- No more missing classes!  Our expert tuition can be made to fit into your timetable.
- No contracts!  You pay for as many classes as you need.  No more, no less.
- No time wasting!  Each workshop is tailored to suit your exact needs.  Learn what inspires you.
- No personal loan!  Our prices always remain fair and affordable.

Examples of Classes

- Developing your Poetic Voice (Grayson)
- Discovering Romanticism (Grayson)
- Reawakening Inspiration (Grayson)
- Technical Illustration Methods (Edwards)
- Illustrating the Classics (Edwards)
- Writing / Illustrating Narrative Verse (Grayson / Edwards)

Nomadic Academy students also gain the opportunity to have work professionally illustrated for a reduced fee (£POA)

Price Structure

Personal Tuition with Timothy Grayson - £20 p/h*
Personal Tuition with Kieron Edwards - £20 p/h*
Half-day Workshop with Grayson or Edwards (4 hours) - £75*
Day Workshop with Grayson or Edwards (8 hours) - £140*
Masterclass with Grayson and Edwards (8 hours; can be split between four people) - £250*

Please note, Grayson and Edwards are both based in Leicester City, UK.  When we are asked to travel outside of Leicestershire, our students are kindly asked to book a minimum of two hours tuition.

*Excluding travel costs.

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Timothy Grayson - Literature, Art History and Culture.  Specialises in late 18th Century Art and Literature, moving through to the early 20th (Romanticism-Decadence).

Kieron Edwards - Illustration, Storyboarding and Concept Art.  Specialises in producing high quality work to a strict, often unrealistic deadline.

How to Book

Call Timothy Grayson on 07737-777-825 or email tim.grayson@mymeenterprises.com

Portfolio: Timothy Grayson

Portfolio: Kieron Edwards